Birdman – Official Trailer

Birdman Official Trailer – Some may see Michael Keaton‘s upcoming character in Birdman(2014) as a slightly ironic twist on his own life, and I say ‘slightly’ as Keaton‘s career never quite hit rock bottom, though it cam close.

He did however play the iconic superhero Batman in Tim Burton‘s cult classics, Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), similar to that of his character Riggan in Birdman, which is centered around a washed up actor who once played an iconic superhero known as The Birdman, and having fallen out of favour in Hollywood, sets about to reclaim his glory by starring in a Broadway musical, funded entirely by whatever savings he had left.

Of course nothing goes to plan, as disaster after disaster threatens the play’s, and his own floundering reputation’s, survival.

Written and directed by the Oscar-nominated Alejandro González Iñárritu (21 GramsBabel), and co-starring Zach GalifianakisEmma Stone, and Edward NortonBirdman looks set to take the UK box-office by storm, having already gathered critical-acclaim in the US.

Birdman swoops into UK cinemas on January 1, 2015.