Buying an All in One printer and an Image fuser kit for maintenance

An all in one printer is perfect for home use or for a small business operator that has an office with just one or two employees.  A large office on the other hand will not find this printer adequate because only one function at a time can be performed on this printer which does not make it the ideal printer for a large scale operation. For example, if there’s one person waiting to take a few copies, another could be on the computer printing out documents whilst someone else is using the fax machine. Everyone will have to be in the queue until the faxes have been sent out for the copying and the printing to be done.

But this does not mean that you should not buy an all in one printer because it can be   really useful when one person has to carry out all the functions by himself.  In such circumstances, simply by sitting in front of the printer you can do your printing, get the documents copied, scanned or e-mailed without having to move from your seat.  It can be even better if the printer is a multifunction wireless printer because that would mean a no wires running all over the place and making the whole area looking untidy.

Additionally, such a printer will help in saving energy as well because only one power outlet will be used for all the work carried out by this single unit.  A multifunction wireless printer also has the advantage of having the capacity to be used in any location in the home or office provided the area concerned is covered by the wireless network.  This means you don’t have to sit in front of the printer all the time, but give the command from wherever your computer is for the printer to have the documents printer.

The multifunction printer is available in different models at various prices, some cheap and some very expensive. Whatever you buy should reflect your needs although if at all possible you should go for a multifunction wireless printer that has an LCD screen and controls that allow the user to select the prints and edit them directly from the printer itself. These printers are normally designed with high color resolution, photo editing capabilities and other features that will come really useful for anyone involved in professional printing.

Whatever kind of printer you buy, you have to maintain it well because failure to do so will render it inoperable sooner than later.  If you notice that the paper is getting jammed in the machine too often or the quality of the prints are not good it means that you should take   time off to offer some tender loving care to your printer. An image fuser kit can do this job well since it comes complete with a new fuser, pick up rollers, transfer rollers, separation rollers, air filters and other parts that need replaced on your printer.

The type of kit you buy will depend on its manufacturer and you might be expected to replace these components at least every 2 years.  One piece of good news is that buying the complete image fuser kit will be less expensive than buying each piece separately and   very much cheaper than having your printer sent to a repair center where you will be billed for labor charges as well for doing the same job you could have easily carried out at home with the fuser kit.

The kit will vary depending on the printer and manufacturer. Recapping then, a printer fuser/maintenance kit includes all the parts that are most likely to wear out. How often do I need to replace the fuser/maintenance kit? Taking into consideration that several parts make out the kit you probably know by now is not the cheapest thing to do. Replacement frequency is approximately every 1-1/2 to 2 years, although usage rates will vary widely. So just think of it as a reward for your printer for doing a great job for that long! Each printer manufacturer has different recommendations on when you should install your kit. But no matter when that is, installing the kit will ensure that your printer remains a reliable and well-performing machine. Want some good news after all? The best part about buying a complete kit is that it is much cheaper than buying all these parts separately and of course we offer you the best low prices for Fuser Kits and or Maintenance Kits.