Can diabetes affect a pregnant femme?

Many people suffer from diabetes today and a frequently asked question is whether diabetes can affect a femme who is pregnant.  It can indeed; but it’s necessary to consider two types of diabetes associated with women that have conceived. The first is those who have become pregnant while having diabetes and the second is women who developed diabetes after becoming pregnant and had no previous record of having the disease.  Any femme that has diabetes must control her blood glucose levels before conceiving as otherwise she will not be able to carry the baby full term.

In fact, doctors advice women with high levels of blood glucose not to get pregnant until they have managed to control their disease. This is because of the risk of such babies developing birth defects not to mention the increased chances of a femme with diabetes to abort the baby.  In the second case however  there’s no risk of babies developing birth defects although health care providers keep a close watch on mothers that develop diabetes after conceiving in order to control their blood glucose levels which if high can result in a stillbirth.

A diabetic femme among other issues will deliver a baby that is larger than normal because of the extra sugar that she passes to the baby through the umbilical cord which gets added to its blood.  The sugar converts to fat through insulin and the size of the baby grows and in most cases have to be delivered by a caesarian operation because such babies are too big to be delivered in the normal way.

It’s only when the diabetes is not controlled that femme have to undergo various problems such as high blood pressure and strokes which can lead to the premature birth of the baby, a miscarriage or deliver a baby that is already dead.  There are certain tests that doctors recommend diabetic women to take in order to ensure their glucose levels are controlled before they’re given the go ahead to conceive.  These tests will also be carried out on women that usually suffer from diabetes right throughout their pregnancies to check how well the blood glucose is controlled.

It’s a common practice today for doctors to recommend to women wanting to conceive to take folic acid before they conceive and throughout their pregnancy to prevent any birth defects developing while the baby is growing inside the womb.  While it’s good for all women to follow this advice, it is particularly important for a femme with diabetes to start taking folic acid to ensure her baby does not have any abnormalities at birth.

femme suffering from type ’2 diabetes’ will not be allowed to take her normal medication if she gets pregnant and will   have to start using insulin if she wants to conceive.    Diabetics that are pregnant are   carefully monitored for their blood glucose levels since the levels of insulin that is required for a pregnant femme varies from what is needed for a normal person. Doctors will also check a diabetic mother   for ketones in the urine that can signify   the illness is not properly controlled.

But there’s good news for women that develop diabetes after they conceive since their blood glucose levels return to normal once the baby is delivered. All pregnant women however are tested for the disease between the twenty fourth and twenty eighth week of their pregnancy and adequate measures taken if there are signs of the blood glucose levels being high. Its important for   precautions to be taken to ensure that the femme concerned has her diabetes under control as otherwise the consequences can be dangerous for both mother and baby.