Differences in ink soaked ribbons and printer toner refill

Printer toner could be the most expensive item that you have to pay for in the long term once you have purchased an inkjet or laser printer for your own use.  Manufacturers of the inkjet cartridges and laser toners are making huge profits in their businesses because of the amount of ink and toner being used by customers.  Many manufacturers have even resorted to making use of technology to stop the ink from being used once it reaches a certain level forcing the consumer to buy a new printer toner. New cartridges being highly expensive and the possibility of using them long waning drastically, users have found themselves in a quandary not knowing what to do.

Since of recent however, many well known printer makers have come up with the perfect solution and that is to provide a printer toner refill for their customers which is not as expensive as an original printer toner. Many have realized today that refilling an empty toner cartridge is economically viable since they don’t have to pay as much for their printer toner while at the same time not having to sacrifice the quality of their printing.  Refilling carried out in a professional manner by well known companies take great care to ensure they do the printer toner refill job properly to ensure that quality is not sacrificed in any way.

Filling the cartridges is done in different ways with some dealers requesting the customers to bring their empty cartridges to be filled with printer toner while others are ready to supply recycled toner cartridges to customers at a very much lower price than what they would be expected to pay for a brand new toner or cartridge.  Over the years, even printer toner refill techniques have improved to a great extent as a result of which it is now possible to produce documents out of refilled cartridges that are no less inferior to those produced by original toners.

While the modern printers such as the inkjet and laser printer have to worry about toner and ink cartridges, printers of yesteryear such as the dot matrix printer had to rely on an ink soaked ribbon for their printing work.  This was the most commonly used printing device used during the 70’s and 80’s and was somewhat similar to the technology used in the old fashioned typewriter.  Although most of these printers have now been replaced by the modern laser printer, there are many establishments that still use their dot matrix printer mostly because of its capacity to print multi part documents which is something you never come across in today’s printers.

Like I said before, the dot matrix printer has a similar action to that of the typewriter, but unlike the typewriter the dot matrix does not have fixed characters or fonts. Its printing technique involves creating characters on the paper by pins striking on the ribbon which forms the character or font by the grouping of a series of dots together. You can see this type of printing on the older type of printouts that gives a dotted appearance to the characters that at times are difficult to read. The dot matrix printer   tends to be rather noisy when compared to the present day silent printers and as such is slowly but surely vanishing from the scene.