Everything you need to know about Computers

If you are considering buying a desktop computer and want to know all about it then this is the place for you. Desktop Computer has its pros and cons, andyou might consider both of them when opting for one. Desktop computers offer you a high storage capacity, fast processor and are generally cheaper than laptops.You can upgrade it as much as you want by introducing other additional features to it such as DVD burners, floppy drives, hard drives etc. The biggest shortcoming of a desktop computer is that it takes up a large amount of space, andyou will face difficulties moving it.

People today, have become bored of the simple looks of their computer, so the best way to top up your computer is by adding a creative computer case. There are so many diverse computer cases on the market which striking looks. Fractal design is the latest on the market and the most appreciated with it its stunning Scandinavian looks. Others include SilverStone which has a glossy and classy appearance, the Survivor is just perfect for gamers with its funky looks; Colossus case has also been a hit on the market and Tempest Evo Case is one of the latest too.

Monitors are one of the most importantparts of a computer also referred to as display screen. Many new technologies have been introduced in this area which has made monitors more compressed, easy to employ and far more eye-friendlier. The older and typical one is the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors,and the best aspect of it is that it is accessible and remarkably cheap. LCD monitors comes next to CRT and is exceedinglyslim and compact, consume less energy and do not depend on backlight technology.

Keyboard being the gateway between you and the computer should be selected truly wisely. The type, style and ability of a computer keyboard to performaffect the commercial worth of the tool. There are many different styles of computer keyboards. They range from standard computer keyboards to multimedia computer keyboards, office keyboard and internet computer keyboard.The latest among them is the Logitech G15 Keyboard; it contains more features than typical ones and extensive, customized functions. It is particularly useful for gamers as it contains all key features.

Computer mouse undoubtedly is too one of the key features of a computer,asyou depend mainly on it. Today, track pads and touch sensitive tools have replaced most of them but still computer mouse is required because it is more efficient for people whose work includes Photoshop and illustrator.Many different styles of computer mouse are available, but it depends on your usage, which kind suits youmore.

The backbone of every computing solution is the computer motherboard sometimes referred as main board or system board. Various types of motherboards have been designed keeping in view the particular computing duties it has to perform. The designs of motherboard include ATX, Micro ATX, BTX and NLX.