Gaming addicts you do not have to spend all your money buying new games

So you like to play video games none stop and that maybe is an understatement because you play them morning, noon and night, regardless of jeux occasion and being warned about the dire consequences of skipping your meals and getting no sleep because there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it nor wish to do. Know what you are? You have become addicted to gaming and apart from the toll it takes on your health; the rapid decline of your bank balance makes it necessary for drastic action to be taken to bring balance back to your life.

First and foremost you have to understand there’s life out there beyond your gaming console and the stack of video games you guard with your life. You most probably do not know which day of the month it is or even if its day or night because you just don’t get out of the room to find out. While there’s hardly anything anyone can do about the psychological and physical damage your constant jeux occasion is causing you, we can certainly advice you on how to enjoy your hobby (?) in a more inexpensive way where you don’t spend whatever money you had saved on video consoles and games.

In case you didn’t know, one way of catering to your gaming passion without depleting your bank balance rapidly is by looking for a reputed online video game rental site that can feed your addiction in a cheaper manner. There are many such website that have mushroomed overnight and this makes it imperative for a gamer to be very careful when choosing the site from which he’s hoping to rent his gaming videos to enjoy his jeux occasion.

Some sites charge a subscription fee that let’s you download some games but not everything you would like to have. What you are allowed to play will depend on the level of your subscription but once again make sure they have in store the latest games that can be played on your gaming console; i.e. PS3 or Xbox 360 and that they have high quality games that you will be only too happy to play in your jeux occasionwhich in your case will most probably be 24/7.

Don’t forget that many such sites have various rules and regulations as to how long you’re allowed to keep the game and enjoy your jeux occasion before you return it and how many games will be offered during a month and so forth. You should however not try to get video games from free sites although it can be very tempting because along with those games you might for all you know be downloading virus and malware as well.

But there are certain tested and proven websites that offer the latest games to members once they registered on their site. Gamoniac is one such online site that has the best and latest games that will be sent to you one at a time, after you have selected the ten games you want from their unbelievable large selection of video games. You will also be able to buy your first game at half price while the games you’re sent can be kept with you and played as many times you wish to fill your jeux occasion because this truly great site does not apply any limitations to their loyal members.