Installing a Projector and projector accessories for a home movie system

During our student days, a projector was related to school work and seminars where they were used to display graphs, statistics and images related to our studies. But with the advancement of digital technology we’re now able to use a projector not only for educational work but also for our entertainment such as watching movies by projecting the images on to a projection screen from a computer or DVD player.

It’s this type of projector and projector accessories that I wish to write about because of the immense interest that has been evoked with the home theatre concept. Technology has once again come to the fore to provide us with LCD and DLP projectors that are capable of giving us the best in terms of sharp and clear images and amazing color contrasts to the movies we watch on a projection screen. When buying a home projector, its best to invest in one that’s not too complicated so that anyone in the home can operate it easily. I consider the front projector the easiest to operate because it   can be placed on a table or fixed to the ceiling or wall for easy viewing.

When it comes to the selection of the projection screen, you must be careful to choose one that is in proportion to the room you have selected for watching movies. While a large screen in a small room will not be suitable, too small a screen will also not make it possible for everyone in the audience to view it from all angles. It’s not really necessary to spend too much on the screen since you can settle either for a   permanent screen or a portable one that can be carried anywhere. If you have limited resources, you can even paint a suitable wall in either white or grey based on the dimensions of the room.

Those who go for the LCD projector will find it easy to get the necessary accessories because of the numerous LCD projector accessories that have been designed with this projector in mind. Besides the projector mount which is very important since this is what keeps the equipment from crashing down to the floor, there are other essential accessories such   as projector lamps, cables and a remote that should be considered when buying the main equipment.

When the projector is mounted its important to keep space between the equipment and the wall because installing it flush with the wall with trap heat allowing the temperature to damage the equipment because of not enough cooling taking place. A ceiling mount can also be considered if the ceiling is not too high where it’s possible to fix the projector   below the ceiling, taking the viewing angle into account.

You must however ensure that the projector is firmly fixed to either the ceiling or wall or placed in a position that will not get it knocked around causing injury to people or the equipment getting broken. If you’re not sure about doing the job properly, please get a professional to do it for you as otherwise you will live to rue the day you tried to save a few dollars by handling the installation work by yourself.

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