Laser Toner Refill and the best Photo paper to use

Anyone using a printer will obviously require either inkjet cartridges or a laser toner to provide the printing capabilities to the machine.  In the good old days, toners were made out of carbon powder although the toners we get today have come a long way since then. A toner is the ink that is used to print the text on documents and images we print when the command is applied from the computer connected to it.  Something else that is different today from the days gone by is the difference in the containers used to hold the ink. While those days the toner came in bottles, today they are available in cartridge form. Among the many different types of inkjet cartridges and printer toners available today, the laser toner used in a printer will be based on the type of printer being used and its compatibility to one another.

Since original laser toner can be pretty expensive many companies have started reutilizing the original toners to restore them and use them again and again to refill the cartridges.  This process has to be carried out with much care to be successful and is done after the cartridge is well cleaned and dried before the toner is filled again. This makes the laser toner refill much cheaper than buying the original cartridge and how good the standard of the prints depend upon the care taken by the manufacturers to refill them.  Anyone wanting to buy cheap laser toner refill should search for companies online that offer bargain rates for their refilled cartridges.  You can even cut your costs in double if you order your laser toner in bulk in order to save on shipping as well.

No matter what type of printer you use or how good the standard of your laser toner refill is if you don’t pay attention to the quality of paper you use to print your photographs. There are many different types photo paper available in the market for this purpose such as glossy, matt etc and lesser known paper such as semi gloss, photographic paper and satin paper among others.  Anyone who has ever got his photos developed will be aware of what glossy paper and matt paper is. The glossy is usually of high quality and has a bright and shiny surface making it the most popular photo paper used by a majority of photographers.

Matt paper does not have a shine to it with the colors tending to look rather dull and washed out.  Glossy paper also reflects light while matt doesn’t and you would therefore imagine that no one would want to use matt paper for their photographs. But this is far from the truth because matt photo paper is more durable and doesn’t leave any finger marks or dirt on the photograph which is not the case with photos printed on glossy paper.

Another aspect is that matt paper photographs look good under any light whereas glossy photos are difficult to look at under certain types of light. But there’s definitely no question which photo paper should be used when printing photographs in black and white because it should be matt and nothing else if you want to capture the true essence of the image that has been photographed.