Problems you may encounter with the PS3 Console

Buying a brand new gaming system after paying a quite a big amount of money doesn’t guarantee that you will have smooth sailing for the rest of your gaming life. No matter how good or pricey your PS3 console is, you’re bound to face problems at one time or another but this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world or having to throw the console in the garbage heap.  Encountering issues in this system is not uncommon and there are many gamers that know exactly what to do in such situations.

The PS3 console just like any other electronic gadget   can have issues that might be simple and can be fixed by yourself or has to be taken to an electronic repair shop to see what can be done. One of the most common problems is the beeping that comes along with strange colored lights that will keep blinking for sometime and as worried as you might feel or frustrated because you were in the midst of playing one of the most exciting games, there’s no need to panic; because all you have to do is to stop playing and try out a few simple measures to see whether it will solve the problem.

Ask any gaming wiz why this happens and they are sure to tell you that it’s due to the unit becoming too hot. If that’s the case, you should turn it off and wait for sometime for it to cool off before you switch it on again to check if the problem has been sorted out. But this might only be a temporary solution and if it keeps happening you’ll have to take more serious measure to see what’s going on with your PS3.  Heat can also cause the CPU or the motherboard to breakdown when the solder starts to melt. If this happens,   various other connections within can become loose causing all sorts of problems and you will then have to take it to for repairs.

Problems might also occur if there are scratches or even the slightest blip on the   DVD you’re using. Unlike movie DVDs, games are vulnerable to the slightest damage and this might be causing all the problems in your PS3.  Try playing another game and if there’s no problem then you will know that the earlier issue was due to the CD or DVD you were using.  You can also remove   the cables and connections, wait for a little while and plug them back again to see if the problem has been resolved. Voltage fluctuations can also cause various problems especially if your console has not been powered through an UPS.

If the problems you’re encountering are beyond your understanding or ability to repair such as getting a completely RED screen and flashing lights all the time, it could something to do with the hardware itself in which case you will need professional assistance to sort out the issue.

Before doing anything, check to see whether you’re within the warranty period offered by the manufacturer. If so, most of your problems are solved and you will be able to have your PS3 repaired free or charge or if that’s not possible, you will be offered a new PS3 in its place. Those who are technically savvy when it comes to computers and gaming consoles can buy their own repair kit and attempt the repairs. But be careful because if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, you could make matters worse and ruin the unit completely.