The Perks of PS3

PlayStation 3 or PS3, as it has come to be known as, is the 3rd in the line of home video game console designed by the same company which has previously released PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2. It was releases by Japan in 2006 but since then its popularity has been on a boom. Each day, more sophisticated games for PSP3 or Jeux PS3 are rolling in the market. With the advent of PS3 in the market, the gaming world truly has hit a new era.

There is no disparity of opinion when it comes to the fact that PS3 is by far, the best gaming console in the market as yet. It has introduced new technologies which had not been introduced in the gaming arenas ever before. For instance, now Blu-ray technology is at last in the service of video games. Each game that you play on PS3 allows you to embark on a exceptional gaming journey where you get to enjoy Jeux PS3 with the best of graphics.

Moreover the new PS3 offers you the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience by many folds. You can enjoy a loaded multiplayer experience without having to spend an extra dime. Play station 3 is a network of gamers, who are facilitated to play online with their friends totally free of cost. The gamers can make an online list of friends they most likely to interact with. The fun is not only confined to gaming alone, music and other videos can be accessed through PlayStation Network.

The Jeux PS3 or the games that PS3 support have a wide range. There is a catalog of over 1000 types of different games, which is nothing less than a treat to an avid player of PlayStation games. The games cater to the interest of every individual. For instance, there is a variety of First Person Shooter or FPS games, adventure games, platform games, sports games… etc. HD graphics work as a cherry on the cake, it provides the game player with a mesmerizing experience while playing, especially on the big screen.

The only downside to the whole experience is probably the expensive games that are supported by the PS3. This is the reason many websites are coming in the market with tempting offers which not only provide the player with the top notch gaming experience but at a reasonable price too. Gamoniac is one such functional website which offers the users handy gaming packages for Jeux PS3. While on Gamoniac, the user can play up to ten games in the price of just two.

Avid and addicted players are always yearning for more, something better than before. For this reason it was announced in the late 2008 that stereoscopic 3 dimensional technologies would be introduced in the PlayStation which will take this whole experience of gaming to another level. Meanwhile, customers are enjoying the PlayStation 3 and Jeux PS3 and hoping for something even better and thrilling to hit the markets in the near future.