True Blood The Final Season

Last night (Mon 7th) saw the UK premiere of True Blood the Final Season on Fox and at first glance it’s definitely going to be an explosive and emotional send off, blood tears and all, for one of TV’s sexiest prime-time drama’s.

Picking straight up from where season six left off, the final season opens during the aftermath of a vampire attack on the citizens of Bon Temps.

The Hepatitis-V virus still spreading like the Black Plague amongst the vampire world, humans have teamed up with those vampires who are still virus free, to help irradiate it before more damage can be done.

With all TruBlood supplies contaminated, and the only sustainable human-free source of food for vampires now gone, safety seems a distant hope in a world that’s now festering with starving, desperate vampires.

The seventh and final season promises to an explosive, sexy, and down right nail-biting end to a series that’s cemented itself as prime-times sexiest show.

You can catch the final season of True Blood on Monday’s at 9pm on Fox (UK).