What to consider when buying a projector for your home theatre

If you’re thinking of installing a projector and projection screen in your home to watch movies, you must not think that it will be the same as you find in a movie theatre or commercial establishment. Many factors such as the dimensions of the area concerned, seating arrangements, lighting and your limited budget will play a major role in deciding the type of equipment you have to buy for this purpose.

Your home movie theatre will never be in the scale of a cinema and when you consider the ceiling height, length of the room etc. you will realize what you require is a very much scaled down version of a similar location that will need a lot of planning and re-thinking when investing in the equipment. You will have to carry out some research to choose the ideal projector which in the present day should ideally be   LCD or DPL. Although the LCD projector is considered the most popular by fans, many think that the DPL is the best for home viewing in view of its perfect imaging when it comes to motion and moving characters.

Deciding where you want to install the projector is something else that you will to give much thought to.  If there are children in the house, its best keep the projector away from them by fixing it high on the wall or letting it hang from the ceiling by using compatible projector mounts that can be easily selected from the vast list of LCD projector accessories that are available for sale. This will ensure that your kids will not be able to meddle with it when you’re not there or cause any damage to it. This will also ensure they don’t injure themselves by knocking against the equipment accidentally.

Keep in mind that lighting and adequate ventilation is essential to view the picture clearly while the sharpness and clarity of the images will depend a lot on the type of projector and projection screen you settle on. When it comes to the latter, there are several options to choose from, the most basic being a white or grey painted wall on to which the images can be projected. If you prefer something more sophisticated, you can always go for the manual screen that can be pulled out when watching the movie and rolled back when not in use. There is also the electronic screen which happens to be very popular now and also the portable screen that can be folded and taken anywhere you like.

Among the many LCD projector accessories you might want to buy, the most essential can be considered as extra replacement lamps which you will need for sure because the lamps are the first components to give way after a certain period of usage. Since it’s not possible to work the projector without lamps, you should always have some in hand so that you will not be caught unaware. Other projector accessories such as lenses, cables and a remote may be considered if your budget permits them and keeping your equipment well cared for and properly maintained will ensure long use and many years of entertainment.