What you will require for a mini home theatre

Many homes nowadays have home theatre set ups so that they can watch their favorite movies at home. In order to set up a home theatre there are certain equipment that you need and knowing what is best for the purpose will help the viewers to have an enjoyable experience in their own home instead of having to go to a movie theatre.

Fortunately for movie lovers, projectors are not very pricey now and can be easily purchased from any electronic store or online website. However, when buying a projector there are many aspects you have to think of such as the size of the room in which you hope to install the projector, basic technology, audio video settings and the accessories you will be needing to fix it. The most popular type in this connection is the LCD projector that provides a very professional look to any home theatre. You must also think of the size of the screen as well as its resolution with most movie buffs preferring a full HD resolution to display a brighter screen especially if your movie room will not be in complete darkness.

The contrast ratio of the projector also plays an important part for the correct rendering of imageswhile keeping in mind that the greater the contrast the deeper the colors with most modern projectors offering a contrast ratio of at least 800:1 which is the minimum acceptable.  Let’s not forget when you buy a projector you need to fix it either on the wall, ceiling or place it on a table taking into consideration the viewing area and how it is from the projection screen.

Projector accessories are a must when buying the projector with some more important than others.For instance, LCD projector accessories include projector lamps, lenses, bulbs, remotes, cables and the Projector mount without which you cannot install the projector securely. The mounts you require will depend on the location you hope to fix the projector; i.e. ceiling or wall. It’s best that you buy your projector mount from the same store you purchase the projector so that you can get the salesman to explain how it should be fixed and whether you should get a professional to do the work for you.

Don’t forget that it’s a heavy item and if it falls, can injure someone seriously and damage theequipment as well. The projector lamp is another essential accessory that will need replacing after certain of hours of usage. These lamps can be quite expensive and you should therefore ensure that you take care to clean and maintain it well so that you will not have to replace it anytime soon

Finally we come to the projection screen the selection of which will depend on the size of the room, viewing angle, distance between projector and screen, available light and of course your budget. Among the various types of screens available today   are the, manual projection screen, fixed screen and electric screen.  The most recommended however for a home theatre is the fixed projection screen because it offers a flat viewing plane which is ideal for viewing while the manual screen is the most cost effective and can be put away out of sight when not required.