Why gamers consider the PS3 the best and most popular console ever

Talk about PS3 and every gamer will have lots to say about this amazing gaming console launched by Sony a few years back. This is undoubtedly the best in the market not to say the most popular even though there are numerous consoles that have been designed to compete with PlayStation 3.  To add to its glory are the numerous exciting games that are compatible with this console and the emergence of 3D games has taken it to an entirely new level as far as gamers are concerned.

Right from the start, PS3 games were what fantasies are made of and each and every gamer would not feel the time passing while they sit in front of the television, going through the various stages of a game unblinking, and unthinking of everything else and oblivious to everything going around them except for what was taking place on the screen. Some of the games and especially the 3D kind would make one feel that they’re part and parcel of what was happening with their body movements and facial expressions in synch with the action taking place.

The excitement sometimes is too much to bear for those addicted to the PS3 games, they would be bleary eyes without sleep, fatigued and yet unable to stop playing until the early hours of the day. The best of these games are that they cater to every taste with everyone having something of interest to choose from the wide range of blu-ray discs they have in their data base. Whether it’s the excitement of playing football, driving on the craziest of roads possible, being a part of a horror story, or taking part in a dance competition, all you require is the PS3 controller and a gaming site to download the game of your choice.

Unlike with other popular consoles, there’s no need to pay a monthly subscription which is one of the more popular reasons for most gamers to buy the PS3 console and select its games although it must be admitted that it’s the price you have to pay to purchase the games that’s prohibitive at times. But there are website you can join such as   “Gamoniac” from which you can get games of your choice and select a package to play one to four games per month according to the package you have selected.

Gamoniac will also provide you with a 50% discount on the first game you buy which you can watch for as long as you like and thereafter exchange with other members on the site. You are also allowed to request for ten games in their order of preference so that once you’re sick of a particular game, you can send it back in the envelope they provide you for this purpose and you will be sent the next on the list you sent them. If you join their Prime package, you will get the best and most popular PS3 games and since all you have to pay for a game is a measly $10 per month, this could work out to be best deal you will ever get when you consider the price of games that can be anything from $50 to $100 or even more.